Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Maria Canada [25]

Maria Canada
Rhode Island, USA

Garment Name : Paradise Lost

Inspiration/concept commentary:

This piece is a memorial tribute to those lives and eco systems lost and affected by the 2010 gulf oil spill that took place off the gulf coast of the United States, during off shore commercial drilling practices. This piece is directly intended to emphasize the power and destructive realities of human induced catastrophic events while hi-lighting the beauty that is ever present in shaper and form regardless of the societal trauma. To create such a piece required me to study the physical and emotional effect. such an event has on the population closest the disaster site, and then to transform those raw emotion a new physical form.

Garment Description:

This wearable art form is comprised of recycled and found materials. Heat manipulated plastics where combined provide the primary body of the garment. Greige goods threads dipped in acrylic paint and gesso where then manipulated, dried and then added to the form layering and manipulating the piece as it was constructed. Hidden throughout the piece is a deconstructed taxidermy bird and a disintegrating american flag. The silhouette intentionally reflects the way oil when released from its natural resting place spreads uncontrollably.

Materials- plastic. Gesso, string, American flag, taxidermy duck- recycled/found objects.

Theme: General

Maria Canada is unable to attend the runway show due to scheduling conflicts.


"i create. i am constantly inspired, from seemingly insignificant specs of matter and light to life altering moods or perceptions of those in global proximity. i therefore inspire, the aim being to bring shape and change to those around me. i see my work as a conductor for positive variation. i seek to implement social and environmental quality through innovative design and the acceptance that sustainability is an obligation not a condition of creativity within fashion and textile industries."

"Just an inspiration element to the garment":

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  1. This gown is INCREDIBLE! Conceptually riveting as well as aesthetically beautiful. It just took my breath away. Congratulations on such a wonderfully realized piece of art.