Friday, May 6, 2011

Jennifer Hicks [46]

Jennifer Hicks
Boston, MA, USA

Steam Punk Bug

The originally design was inspired by my friend Troy Kidwells band Fluttr Effect. Her debut was at the Middle East club a few years ago dancing with the band on stage. Now the bug has it's own life roaming the dark crevices in the city looking for a place to land.

Theme: Cyberart


Jennifer Hicks M.F.A., R.Y.T, director of CHIMERAlab Dance Theatre, is a performer, choreographer, teacher and visual artist. She received her MFA from Naropa University in Contemporary Performance, her BFA from Tufts University and Degree in Fine Arts from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, in Boston. She has been a guest artist at Naropa University in the MFA Contemporary Performance Department for several years and North Western University in Louisiana, among other institutions. Jennifer has won several prestigious awards for her work including The Traveling Scholars Award from The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston and Franklin Furnace for an installation/performance about medicine called “Training For Uncertainty”. She is a member of the performance collective in Boston called Mobius and an original founding member of the former performance collective called Pan 9, also based in Boston.

As a dancer, Jennifer studied ballet, modern and jazz since childhood but began her interest in Butoh back in the mid 1980's. She began to study Butoh seriously in the early 1990’s at the San Francisco Butoh Festival. Her main performance influences are Tatsumi Hijikata, KATSURA Kan, Maureen Fleming, Wendell Beavers, Barbara Dilley, puppet work, early cartoons, nature and silent films. She has been dancing in KASTURA Kans International Dance Company since 1999 and has her own company based in Boston. She has been teaching movement, creating original theatre and performing for over 25 years. Ms. Hicks is a certified Shintaido Instructor, and a Registered Yoga Teacher with The National Yoga Alliance.

She is a certified TranceDance International Facilitator studying with Wilbert Alix for over 10 years and assisting him in his workshops in Hawaii, Arizona, Massachusetts, and Texas. “This practice opened up a deep world for me of imagery, self discovery and group dynamics. Working with Wilbert has expanded my teaching practice, making me a better listener, caregiver and a braver human being in performance and in life.” - J. Hicks

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: Hans Wendland

photo: Hans Wendland

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