Monday, May 2, 2011

Ellen Schippers [20]

Ellen Schippers
Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Ellen Schippers is a multi-disciplinary artist, who combines wearable sculptures, performance, dance, music, light and poetry in theatrical video-installations. She creates a “fantasy” world that is continuously bursting at the seams.
Her work is about gender, like stereotypical male and female images, ideals of beauty and about the contradiction between image versus authenticity. Schippers strips fixed images by inflating and deconstructing them and reveals the authentic emotions that are hidden behind these selfmade images.

Ellen Schippers submitted these images for the online blog. She will be unable to attend the runway show.

Theme: Cyberart


Schippers has presented Live Performances on location in galleries, in theatres, at cultural institutions and festivals like: De Kleine Komedie, De Brakke Grond, Panama, Escape, The Melkweg, Mazzo, Maison Descartes (French Cultural Embassy) and the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre in Amsterdam, the Hippodrome Theatre in Londen, the World Science Fiction Congress and the Wiener Sommer Symposion in Vienna. Seducing visitors with powerful images and plunging them into a suggestive atmosphere.

Ellen Schippers was educated in textile art in Amsterdam, in performance-art and textile art at the Vrije Academie of The Hague and in video at Open Studio in Amsterdam.

Since 2009 Schippers is a member of the Artist Society Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam

Schippers has collaborated in projects with various artists such as Penck, Mirko Krabbé and Peter Giele; the poets George Moorman and Arthur Lava; the composers Bo van de Graaf (I-Compani) and Hans Asselbergs.

Her work was photographed among others by Erwin Olaf, Angèle Etoundi Essamba, Wim van de Hulst and Cindy Marler.

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