Friday, May 6, 2011

Ellen Shea [47]

Ellen Shea
Somerville, MA, USA

"Little Red Re-Design". The skirt is made from 1800 red rubber bands. The top is made from a broken umbrella. The idea is to take normal objects, especially ones that are broken or ready to be thrown away, and give them new life by transforming them into something interesting and unexpected.

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A Boston native, Ellen Shea recently completed a Certificate in Fashion Design from Massachusetts College of Art and Design. She thoroughly enjoys designing and making her own clothing, costumes, and other crafts. Recently her interests have been focused on the future of eco-friendly and sustainable fashion. You can follow her research and personal experiences in eco-fashion on her blog:

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: ichifoto

photo: ichifoto

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