Sunday, May 1, 2011

Katie Pray [18]

Katie Pray
Cohoes, NY, USA

Zip Tease! This sweetheart top skinny leg jumpsuit is created
entirely out of zippers! Originally created by Pray for Discard Avant
Garb, a recycled fashion show in Albany, NY, the outfit was selected
by BurdaStyle and appeared in their DIY Fashion Show in Austin, TX
during the SXSW festival. Katie is excited to be able to share it
with you here tonight, and dreams to someday lend it to Lady Gaga.
This outfit weighs 8 lbs all by itself!

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From Cohoes, New York, Katie Pray began playing the saxophone at
age 10. Her love for her instrument, which she then named ‘Goosey’ led
her to become a music teacher. She taught both elementary and high
school band in New York City. Her love and attention for her
saxophone would be split, when her twin sister Barbara interrupted her
passion by gifting her a sewing machine at her bridal shower. It must
have been a ‘twin’ thing, but Katie was instantly in love. Teaching
music by day, Katie began taking classes at the Fashion Institute of
Technology (F.I.T) at night. Ironically, the last class she took was
childrens wear, when she and her husband decided to start a family and
move back to Upstate New York. Now with her love divided many ways;
she plays robots, and flies rocket ships with her 4 year old son
Maceo, continues to work making clothing, and still performs on her
saxophone with the Capital Region Wind Ensemble. Pray was recently
chosen by BurdaStyle and Etsy to show in their DIY Fashion Show during
SXSW festival in Austin, TX. Her zipper out fit was also selected for
Best of February projects on the BurdaStyle blog. This zipper outfit
was originally created for a recycled fashion show, Discard Avant Garb
which takes place annually in Albany, NY. The zipper outfit weighs 8
lbs all by itself! Pray designs everything from childrens and womens
clothing, recycled clothing, prom gowns to wedding dresses. To contact
her, see more, and keep up to date with what’s “sewing” on check out:

photo: Bryan Thomas

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: ichifoto

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