Friday, May 6, 2011

Anja Čuhalev [50]

Anja Čuhalev
Kranj, Slovenia

Unfortunately Ms. Čuhalev was unable to make the runway show (she thought it was later in May). She writes here about the work she was planning to create for and present at the show:

"I am a Fine artist and I mostly work with sculptural pieces. With this design I used different fashion, art and historical eras as inspiration. I enjoy working with interesting materials and images which is reflected in my piece."

Theme: General


I was born in Slovenia where I finished an art high school. While in school I managed to publish 3 illustrations - 2 of which are children books. The big bronze sculpture visible in my gallery was also made in that period of time and is now situated in Oslo. I also worked as a paper delivery girl, cast maker in a bronze shop, room cleaner in a hotel, etc. Now I am studying Fine art in Liverpool UK. Here I was working as a personal assistant to a local artist.

A sample of her work:

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