Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Emily D'Angelo [29]

Emily D'Angelo
Medfield, MA, USA

100% Recyclable

This is a piece Emily D'Angelo made in the Wearable Art class at the Cambridge School this past year. This dress is called “100% recyclable” and is made almost entirely out of deconstructed plastic water bottles. It’s held together with staples, safety pins, and plastic string. The piece is meant to play with the idea of transparency versus visibility, while experimenting with unconventional materials.

Theme: General


Emily D’Angelo is a 17-year-old 11th grader at the Cambridge School of Weston. She has lived in Medfield Massachusetts her whole life. At the Cambridge School she enjoys studying art and English. She had always been interested in experimental fashion, and taking this class allowed her to explore that to the fullest.

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: Hans Wendland

photo: ichifoto

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