Wednesday, April 27, 2011

LeeLoo [11]

resides in the JP underground in Boston Massachusetts

fallen post-apocalyptic cyber angel

This is a fallen post-apocalyptic cyber angel, inspired by the online web character, KK from Freak Angels by Warren Ellis and Paul Duffield. The skirt design was constructed from old backpacks and purses. The corset is made with embroidered rubber panels, and PVC socket attachments and pipes. The metal bra was custom made from designer, Brooksbot75 on The wings and spray-painted with granite glazed paint to give a metallic, stone appearance. Further construction to this design will include, a PVC hair piece or head-dress, added extension layers to the skirt, and found metal objects.

Theme: Cyberart


LeeLoo loves to slash up the old and make into something new and unusual. She is a big fan of shock art, and loves to collage pieces together that you wouldn't think belong. Rather than acquiring new material, she reconstitutes anything she can find in her closet or under her bed, into something wearable.

More wearable art by LeeLoo:

a skirt from old scarves for Burning Man

Ms. Hawk Eye - the mask constructed from old I Ching coins and feathers, using an old belt harness

photo: Justin Moore

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: Bob Raymond

photo: Hans Wendland

photo: Hans Wendland

photo: Hans Wendland

photo: Kristophe Diaz

photo: Shil Sengupta

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