Thursday, April 28, 2011

Carolina Pino A. [12]

Carolina Pino A.
Santiago, Chile

jacket jacketsOn

Emulating animal sounds is something very common among kids. Especially toddlers that experiment with their voices and tactile sense.

Originally a wearable musical instrument, from Jacket Nicholson to Jacket Jacketson, a portable toy for kids.

Since I spent long terms of time with my son Raimundo in the stroller, while living in NYC, I thought of a good way to keep him busy and also learning, would be to have a portable or wearable play station.

Soft farm animals buttons sewn in the jacket (sheep, cow, pig) trigger animal sound when the kid presses them. It has an interior plastic set with the circuit-board, speaker and switches to be removed, so as to wash it exterior as a regular fabric jacket.

jacket jacketsOn, is part of a whole line of interactive kid´s clothing.

Theme: General


My work started as a displacement from sculpture and the use of materials such as steel and concrete to the use of soft materials such as paper and cloth embedded with digital Technologies (virtual and physical), expanding them to social experiences and social changes.

I´m interested on human behaviour, how we interact with each other, questioning the uses and access of digital technologies.

My aim is to re/create experiences that happen in public space such as cities or Internet. Giving people tools to build and empower new strategies of sharing, organize and think on how to make better performances of the resources we already use and have in a world that is in crisis and constant necessity of reducing the environmental, social and economic impact.

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