Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Jennifer Sherr Designs [2]

Jennifer Sherr Designs
Boston, MA, USA

Collage and hand painted leather vest

Theme: General

Jess Barnett will be modelling the artist's work on the runway.

Jenn Sherr designs specializes in collage on memorabilia and themed work, Her work has been recognized by over 25 periodicals nationwide, Jenn started doing collage at the age of 5 , Her Mother is also a artist , Jenn teaches the art of decoupage and marketing yourself as an artist at several schools and conducts lessons at her studio

Jenn produces and markets all her own work

Her strong passion for the arts allows her to participate in many juried shows and this summer is doing a group exhibit with her students at the Brookline Arts Center.

photo: Justin Moore;
model: Jess Barnett

photo: Justin Moore;
model: Jess Barnett

photo: Bob Raymond;
model: Jess Barnett

photo: Hans Wendland;
model: Jess Barnett

photo: ichifoto;
model: Jess Barnett

photo: Shil Sengupta;
model: Jess Barnett

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  1. If you have a few moments, please check out Jennifer's website; beautiful works there

    - jw