Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photos by Kristophe Diaz!

Thank you to

Kristophe Diaz

for his beautiful photographs from the 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show.

Here is a link to the set he created for the designers, models, and Mobius.

"The 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway show. Unfortunately, major camera crash only allow me to post a few pics! Enjoy." - Kristophe Diaz

Here is a sampling from his collection:

The audience watches and waits ...

Detail from Pom Prom, designers/models Robyn Giragosian and Caleb Cole

Detail from The Word Game Design Competition winning dress, Designer: June Monteiro, Model: northern siren

[reposted 5/14/2011 due to a slight eblogger glitch]

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