Saturday, May 14, 2011

Photos by Justin Moore!

Thank you to

Justin Moore

for his gorgeous photographs from the 2011 Mobius Wearable Art Runway Show.

Here are links to two flickr sets he created for the designers, models, and Mobius.

Photos from walkthrough:

Photos from actual show:

A modest sampling from his two sets depicting images from a pre-show consultation, the fast walk-through prior to the actual runway show, and finally, a shot showing a glimpse of the frenzied "paparazzi" in the audience.

Charlie Roberts consults with Liz Roncka regarding manipulation of his Inflatable Metamorphosis

William Evertson and Karen Evertson wait to go on, with two of Ashley Conchieri's models close behind Rebecca Chabot, and Monika Plioplyte.

During the runway show:
Eager paparazzi vie to get their shots of Sonya Thorne's Apocalyptic Pieces 1-3 modelled by Lilia Gaufberg, Zoe Cohen and the artist herself.

[reposted 5/14/2011 due to a slight eblogger glitch]

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