Saturday, April 23, 2011

Carla Esperanza Tommasini [6]

Carla Esperanza Tommasini
London, England, UK


sculptural dress & performance

Inspired by the richness of the mountainous landscape of Trentino
South-Tirol, Grandiflora is a project that explores the relationship
between nature, local traditions and the clothing of the body.

Manufactured only using natural materials found in the woods, the
dress elaborates and combines some of the mythical pagan figures from
the popular local tradition of the Alps, giving life to a mysterious
presence inhabiting the woods, a wild and untamed woman, Grandiflora.

Theme: General

1978, Italo/Venezuelan. After a degree in Theatre studies in the
University of Bologna (Italy), Carla Esperanza moved to London where
she completed in 2007 the MA in Contemporary Performance Making at
Brunel University.

Carla Esperanza’s work intersects different artistic practices such as
live performance, writing and image making, combining a variety of
experiences and collaborations that span theatre, live art and visual
culture. Her work originates from personal suggestions connected to
the human and bodily dimension as well as to site specificity. She
engages with the body and the politics of representation, using
movement, text and visuals to investigate social and cultural issues.
She strongly believes in collaborative practice and research-based
process, as she works on different projects both as artist as well as
producer/curator. She is interested in the dynamics of artistic
production, alternative modes for self-learning, as well as
sustainable and independent artistic practice.

She is part of Reloading Images, as well as Associate Artist of
Pacitti Company and SPILL Festival of Performance.

Presentation performance ‘Grandiflora’ - International competition
Vestiti D’Arte 2009
Spazio Ripicche (Milan) - Officina Giovani (Prato), Italy 2009

Presentation video ’Grandiflora’ - group exhibition “ CORPI “
Museum Borgogna and Museum Leone - (Vercelli), Italy 2009

photos: Massimo Giovannini

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